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Inspection And Certification
Liftek has dedicated team of Competent Inspectors trained and certified to conduct inspection and certify a wide range of lifting equipment, liftinggear and accessories. We provides Inspection and Certification services to the oil and gas, marine, construction, manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment industries.
We have earned the confidence of companies in various industries by consistently providing high quality inspection services and personnel supported by a company-wide commitment to industry best practices
Liftek is a pioneer in the Middle East in replacing all paper based checklists into a digital cloud based inspection software, Qwikspec. This ensures that the post inspection reporting activities are reduced to few minutes rather than hours or days.
Our competent Engineers conduct Periodic & Thorough Inspections of various industrial equipment including (but not limited to)
Inspection of Powered Lifting Equipment
These cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting load either vertically or horizontally or both and mean any stationary or mobile equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment, which is operated by means of motive power e.g. electric, hydraulic or pneumatic or other powered means.
Examples: Construction Hoists Overhead Cranes Crawler Cranes Gantry Cranes
Slewing Jib Cranes Derrick Cranes Deck Cranes Jib Cranes
Mobile Cranes Tower Cranes Building Maintenance Cradles
Inspection of Manual Lifting Equipment
These cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting and mean any stationary or mobile Equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment which is operated solely by means of the operator without any powered assistance.
Examples: Chain Hoists Wire Rope Winches Skid rollers
Mechanical Jacks Lever Hoists Trolleys
Inspection of Lifting Accessories or Loose Gear
These cover the whole range of equipment used for attaching loads to Lifting Equipment.
Examples: Chain Slings Spreader Beams Lever Hoists
Wire Rope Slings Synthetic Slings Shackles
Inspection of Pressure Vessels & Boilers
Boilers and pressure vessels are used for various applications in all types of locations: schools, hospitals, office towers, factories, day care centers, restaurants, libraries, government buildings, refineries, chemical plants, and many other facilities.
The Thorough Inspections are conducted according to the relevant BS EN standard and the Inspection Certificate or Report is issued.
Approvals & Accreditations
Accredited by Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC) & Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) as an
Inspection Body to ISO 17024
Offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah
Computer generated inspection certificates / reports that can be transmitted electronically to customer
immediately after an inspection
LEEA trained and certified inspectors conduct Periodic and Thorough Inspections of:
Powered Lifting Equipment i.e Offshore Cranes, Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, EOT Crane etc.
Manual Lifting Equipment i.e. Chain Hoists, Lever Hoist etc.
Loose Lifting Gear i.e. All types of Slings, Shackles, Spreader beams etc.
Pressure vessels
Elevators & Escalators
Electromagnetic Inspection of Wire Rope
NDT Inspection
For More Information: Contact Liftek Technical Safety & Security Consultancies at Email: or Call +971 4 338 4995